WordPress maintenance services. Keeping your website working smoothly.

Web maintenance is best thought of like an insurance policy for your website. Because no one needs the disruption, lost sales or cost of unwelcome surprises.

Avoid unnecessary website downtime

Website downtime gives a bad experience to your customers and loses you sales and conversions.

You may be causing downtime by letting software updates pile up or by allowing software to auto-update. WordPress updates which are checked and carried out by a human is the most effective way of preventing downtime.

Prevent lost sales & enquiries

You could be losing sales while your website is down or you could be losing enquiries because your contact form, marketing funnel or website feature has stopped working.

I monitor and schedule manual updates to safeguard your income.

Prevent damage to brand & reputation

Attracting new customers is expensive. If your website goes down, from a botched update, expired domain or from being hacked your reputation and sales suffer.

Maximising uptime and ensuring your WordPress mainenance is carried out will  safeguard your brand from damage and keep those hard won customers from seeking alternatives.

What are website maintenance services?

Changelog vetting

I read the changelogs of every outstanding plugin/core update for your website and risk score that update and follow an appropriate upgrade path.

Risk managed software updates

All updates on your website may have different compatibilities with other software. I manage all these for you avoiding updating software that isn’t compatible with your core or e-commerce system.

Update testing

Depending upon the work being undertaken, I can run all your updates on a development or staging website and test it for potential issues before updating your live site.

Database optimisation

Every time I update your website for you or carry out a data purge, I will run database optimisation to clear out any old or orphaned data and reduce the size of your database.

Spam deletion and prevention

Unfortunately, even with Google Recaptcha or other spam prevention software, spam still happens. I will vet this for you and purge your spam on an agreed schedule.

Server space monitoring

The first sign of your website running out of server space may be that e-commerce sales don’t complete or that you find forms arent submitting correctly. I monitor your hosting for you to avoid this.

Backup management

As well as server-based backups, I set up, manage and monitor local and cloud-based website backups on your behalf. If something goes wrong, we will always have a route to disaster recovery.

Disaster recovery

Sometimes, despite ongoing maintenance, your site may be targeted by hackers, your hosting company may suffer outages or data corruption or you may break something when updating your site. Disaster recovery saves the expense of a total site rebuild.

Website repair

If something on your website has stopped working, emails stop sending, forms don’t submit or perhaps you have been locked out of your admin account and dashboard. I can fix this for you.

Site editing and updating

If you lack the skills, knowledge, staff or motivation to edit your site content or add features over time. I can do that for you, without any risk of breaking anything!

Iterative improvement (A/B testing)

Over time we can improve the effectiveness of your website pages by testing two versions. Whichever version gives the best results, we keep. And so on…

Uptime/downtime monitoring

Find out within minutes if your website has gone down. If your income or leads are generated by your site, you can’t afford for your site to be down. I can inform you of any downtime as it happens.

Site hacking recovery

Sometimes, despite best efforts, a highly motivated hacker may compromise an unknown vulnerability in your website. Should your site be taken down, modified or defaced I can repair the damage for you quickly.

GDPR data purging

I purge user-submitted data and messages etc. from your website on a schedule that matches your data retention policy. Often sites routinely delete submitted message data every 30 days to limit exposure.

WordPress hardening & security

Almost all content management system based websites have some kind of vulnerability. I shut down the commonly exploited features and harden your site against attacks by bots, hackers and spammers.

Benchmarking & testing

Routine testing of your site against accessibility standards, Google Lighthouse etc to ensure pages remain accessible, fast-loading and working correctly. I also check your contact forms are submitting correctly.

WordPress maintenance costs

As a general rule, most websites built on WordPress fall into three categories. Small, Medium/Ecommerce and Large/Ecommerce.

However, your business is unique and as such aftercare for your WordPress website can be tailored to your individual needs and the level of risk associated with your website in particular.

Maintenance will be recommended based upon the likelihood of potential issues and the likely cost to your business in terms of lost sales, impact upon reputation and repair costs.

Small websites

Ideal for small or low-risk websites.

From £48 per calendar month.

Medium websites

For medium size websites and low to medium turnover e-commerce sites.

From £99 per calendar month.

Large websites/retainer

Perfect for companies, web or marketing agencies wishing to have on-demand access to a web professional as a virtual team member.

From £425 per calendar month. Including ringfenced development/editing time.

What time is good for you?


Efficiency and thorough approach…

ICW Digital have been so impressive with the efficiency and thorough approach to our wordpress issues and event management. Thank you for getting us back on track Paul.

Nicola Prichard
Tuppenny Barn

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