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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Web Design Project with Expert Consultancy

Let’s craft a strategic plan that propels your project forward and transforms your vision into a successful website that stands out.

Make better decisions about your project.

We all want to make better choices that lead to success. As a Website Consultant I’ll guide you through the all-important pre-project research & discovery, using data to support your decisions.

Avoid wasting money on features you don’t need.

Focused on the goals and needs of your customers we will create a clear strategy and solid project brief to allow the collection of comparable quotes, for the features you need.

Delight customers and engage stakeholders.

Decisions based upon data and testing of proposals against clear goals reduces conflict between stakeholders and produces a website that helps customers to do what matters to them.

A Website Consultant at the beginning of your project saves time and money

A Website Consultant adds value to your web design project at every stage, however, the best returns on investment are made when I’m hired before a project starts.

Together we will look deeply at your business, its goals, your customers and their pain points. You may be surprised at the insight you gain into your business during this process.

Pre Project Research & Analysis

Many website projects fail due to insufficient attention at the pre-project stage. Many projects lack focus or are based upon incorrect assumptions. I increase the chances of success by getting to know your business and clients’ needs and ensuring your website is built in a way that meets those needs.

Digital Asset Auditing

Any company which has existed for more than a few years tends to accumulate digital assets. Staff come and go, marketing plans run and expire, products launch and retire. I audit and document all such assets and help you build a clear management strategy moving forward.

Digital Asset Rationalisation

After a digital asset audit, I can rationalise those existing assets to remove items no longer needed, fit for purpose or which are no longer ‘on message’ as well as re-align assets in terms of branding and purpose.

Digital Project Management

Managing your web design or digital branding project on your behalf with your choice of contractors, or those I recommend. I act as a managing intermediary translating technical jargon into meaningful business language for you as well as translating your needs into technically correct instruction for your contractors.

Adhoc Project Analysis

Most commonly carried out before are after completion of a web project, analysis can be carried out at any point. I analyse your project against its goals and report back with observations and suggestions. Ideal if a project has stalled, changed direction or key relationships have broken down.

Digital Strategy & Project Performance Review

I  enjoy working with clients to take their business goals and create a forward-thinking digital strategy that looks at content, social media their website and technical SEO. I use industry-leading tools to provide meaningful statistics on which to base future decisions.

Website Testing & Improvement

Testing isn’t reserved only for old websites or for when things aren’t quite working correctly. Ongoing testing allows you to maintain and improve your sites conversation rate and improve search engine rankings

Privacy Impact Assessments (GDPR)

If you need help getting your website working in line with legal requirements such as GDPR, I can carry out a privacy impact assessment to identify areas where improvement is required and report back to you with suggestions.

Let’s discuss your project

Frequently asked questions

If you are in the early stages of planning for your new web design project you will likely have questions about how a Website Consultant can help. I hope the answers below are helpful, however if you dont find what you need. Please, get in touch. You can call me directly on 01903 527927 or send me a message.

What is the discovery phase of strategy?

In the research and discovery phase of your web design project we will discuss your business or organisation and its goals and objectives. We will learn about your products or services, the purpose of your website and the needs of your users.

We will discuss the constraints of the project such as budget, timeline, competitors and audit your existing assets and guidelines in order to help us formulate a document which will guide all subsequent project decisions.

Importantly, we will identify what success looks like with measurable objectives so we know when we have achieved our goals.

What should a discovery phase include?

A comprehensive discovery phase includes project scope, objectives, risk analysis, and user research, coupled with clear milestones and deliverables set within an agreed project management framework, be it Agile, Waterfall, or another methodology.

Who should be involved in discovery?

The discovery team should comprise key stakeholders. The number of stakeholders and the roles they occupy will differ based on the size and structure of your organisation. Typical stakeholders can include, Business Owner, Project Manager, UX/UI Designer, Developer, and Business Analyst, representatives from marketing, sales, and customer service.

Early involvement with stakeholders will provide insights and help ensure that the project aligns with all facets of the business and user expectations.

How do you conduct a discovery project?

To conduct a discovery project, identify stakeholders and business goals, determine success metrics, and foster broad project awareness.

Utilize user personas, empathy maps, and customer journey mapping during workshops and collaborative sessions to thoroughly understand user needs and competitive positioning.

Why is research important in web design?

Research gives solid rationale for design choices, backed up with user data. The use of a data led approach helps to avoid decending into decision making based upon subjective and emotional viewpoints and helps focus and target the design and build process of the website.

Solid research and discovery helps to avoid costly redesigns and improves the chance of project success. Most importantly, research is an investment in user experience, leading to a more intuitive and effective final product.

What happens after discovery phase in a project?

After research and discovery, we will have a documented strategy, sitemap and list of content requirements. Together we will engage in the process of content creation and embark on the design and build process of the web design project.

We will look at wireframe designs of key website pages and start working on a development site which you will be able to access and review at any time. Your continued envolvement is encouraged as we start to bring your vision to life through design and development activities.

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