Building websites that get found, engage customers and make more conversions.

Making mobile-friendly websites for business, charity, e-commerce, heritage, NGO and academic clients worldwide.

Get found in search engines (SEO).

Getting found on Google or Bing is more than stuffing keywords into your content. It’s about building a site with technical optimisations as well as rich content.

Ensuring your content loads quickly.

Your content loads quickly when styled appropriately, images are manually optimised, and when you arent using cumbersome page builders or plugins instead of a professional.

Maximising your sales & signups.

Anyone can build a pretty box for your copy. A professional will build pages around your content. Presenting information favourably, handle objections and reduce cognitive load.

What can you expect in the web design process?

I have well-rehearsed and documented processes and procedures for building your website. The process won’t ever be the victim of someone having a bad day.

Live design and feedback sessions.

Projects get better results if clients are involved. I work on live (private) development sites. So, you can check-in at any time and see how the project is going.

Page layout and content optimisation.

Web pages that load quickly, are easy to scan and make conversions are planned, designed and constructed specifically to present that pages’ unique content.

Be involved throughout the process.

No one likes a bad surprise. Your involvement is encouraged and you will provide sign off at every step so neither of us ends up with a surprise at completion.

Ecommerce with Woocommerce.

I design, build and maintain e-commerce WordPress websites using Woocommerce. Woocommerce is an easy to maintain and extendable system that grows with you.

Forward-looking design process.

Because we put time and effort into establishing your current and future goals, we will build your website to be easy to extend in the future. Such as adding e-commerce.

Technical SEO and page speed optimisation.

Search engine rankings aren’t just established based upon keywords within your content. How your content is structured, tagged and optimised makes a difference.

Mobile-first design process.

You have likely heard about ‘mobile friendly’. Today the focus is on designing for mobiles first and then enhancing the experience for larger-screened devices.

Useful data and analytics.

We make good decisions about your project based upon good data, so it makes sense to build your website by integrating code to make actions on your website measurable in the future.

Proven workflow and methodology.

Although the results from every project are unique. The process is largely the same. It is a process I have repeated countless times and will bring you focused results.

Accessibility as a priority.

You may not realise you have a legal obligation to make your website accessible. I advise you, test and resolve accessibility issues whereas possible to WCAG guidelines.

Coding standards compliant.

Your website will be built using resources, software and code which is compliant with modern standards so your website will be maintainable.

Google certified.

I put great importance on using data to help us make good project decisions. That’s why I’m a Google Analytics Qualified Individual.

User testing.

Depending upon the budget, scale and type of website we build together, we will test existing or new pages with real users to gain insight into how to better help visitors to your site.

Iterative improvement.

Using your testing, analytics, clear goals and your existing website, we can iteratively improve the performance of all or some of your website pages.

What time is good for you?

Not ready to talk?

Listen to, or read my posts about web design projects while you do something else or just while you’re on the train. When the time is right, I will be here to answer your questions.

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