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Web Design, Redesign & Improvement

We use all our skills to help your business succeed. We learn all about your business and your customers and then we create something which helps you reach and exceed your quantifiable goals. The result will be a  customer focused and easy to use website that will improve your sales or conversions. Your success is important to us.

Web design for the long haul.

Making more sales or conversions isn’t magic, it is good design based upon solid research of you and your customers.

We know that there is no point building something which is a burden to manage, complicated or unnecessarily technical which is why we strive to build a website for you which makes work easier. We believe where possible, a new website should not only make it easier for your customers to complete tasks, but it should make management of your business easier too.

Our success (and future business) counts upon the success of your web design project. We want a long and mutually benefiical relationship with you and that means whatever website we create with you must work. That is why we have spent 12 years optmising our systems and procedures to maximise the probability of success. We know that you will love the outcome.

A successful website is created from proven method and ongoing client involvement throughout all stages of research, design, build, optimisation, testing and ongoing management.

Rest assured, you won’t be cut out, you will be involved from concept to creation and you can check up on us along the way. We actually enjoy talking to our clients and that is why we make our project progress available 24 hours a day 7 days a week on our website.

So what makes us so good to work with? Why do we have a Five Star Rating with Google?

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Check our progress, online, 24 hours a day.

From our frequent ‘catchup meetings’ via Skype you will know what is going on with your project. However picture the scene. Its 2am, our offices are shut (well sometimes) and you can’t sleep because you just remembered you would update your manager/colleagues/team about the progress of the web project. No problem! Just log in to your online client area. You will be able to quickly see total progress, milestones, % completion on all phases of work right down to each individual task.  Not only that, you will be able to leave us comments or check which tasks were assigned to you personally.

Our clients love our online project dashboard because let’s be honest, you don’t want to talk to us every time you want to know whats going on and asking questions by email is slow.

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Cloud based file sharing.

From day one of us talking we will set up a shared folder full of lovely templates, guides and information which will help you. We do this because it allows you to easily share files with us, us to share files with you and even to work collaboratively.

The joy with using Dropbox to provide this function is that it will work on your phone, tablet, desktop, laptop, anything. Anywhere.

We use a high-capacity professional Dropbox to share with you throughout our work together but beyond that too. Any ongoing maintenance we carry out, backups we create, will all be available via our shared space together. Need to share with a colleague? No problem, just invite them.

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See our edits, in real time, online.

We work and develop websites both locally and online. What this means is that while we are video conferencing via Skype we can discuss website changes and edits and immediately put them live. The value in being able to edit and discuss changes in real-time cannot be over valued.

Online editing (on a safe, protected from the public, website) saves quite literally days and weeks in time and dramatically shortens a contract duration and avoids all the confusion and misunderstanding which can occur in long drawn out email chains.

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Online meetings and video conferencing.

Physical meetings are great. We don’t have any objection to meeting in person, but meeting online saves so much time. It saves both of us travel time, parking, queuing and more.

We prefer to meet online with clients or via the telephone. The time we both gain can be spent better running your business and on our side, working on your project. So, please, don’t get offended if we suggest a video call. Our clients stay with us a very long time (we are talking ten years plus) and we have clients who in that time we have never physically met.

The joy with using Skype is the ability to screen share or have a group call with other locations and colleagues. Not only that, we can meet online in seconds and video call while looking at your website live. Once you have worked on a web project that way you won’t look back.

Just like the cloud services we use, online meetings just allow the whole process of running a web project to be much more efficient and as a consequence, more cost-effective.

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Google Analytics Certification gives you better data for making decisions.

We have already expressed the importance of having quantifiable goals. Without good data it is impossible to know whether you have met, surpassed or failed to meet specific goals.

With Google Analytics Certification you can rest assured that your website will be recording all the important data to enable you (and us) to make smart business decisions. Decisions that can make or cost you a lot of money.

It is great to have data, but it is also important that you know how to use that data, filter out misleading or fake data such as spam referrals. We will set up these filters for you, show you how to use them and generally be on hand to answer your questions.

So, if your funding, decisions or job security is tied to your website performance you can be confident that we will ensure you are presenting the best data possible.

In particular I appreciated the structured and detailed briefing processes, in which you asked the right questions and drew out the right information about who the website or site function is aimed at and what it needs to achieve.

Stephanie Debere – Sanitation Ventures

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