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What does it cost to run a website?

In this blog post I will discuss the ever so most frequently asked (yet so seldom answered) question; “What does it cost to run a website?”.

To get a firm idea of what the ongoing costs will be for your website we will need to look at several different areas that will be generating expenses over the lifetime of your site.

listen time: 14 minutes

Other episodes

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Industry conferences: Why you are a fool if you don’t go

The evening before Wordcamp Brighton 2019 I started to write this blog post to explore the reasons why YOU might want to go to a WordCamp or an industry conference. The conference season is in full swing so let’s look at reasons why you should be attending a conference in your area.

listen time: 8 minutes

12 Simple Steps to Bulletproof WordPress Backups

This guide gives you 12 simple steps that you can complete today, to ensure that your website is safe should something go wrong.

I am going to show you an easy process to avoid ever losing information again.

listen time: 22 minutes

How to employ a web designer (and succeed)

Finding a good web designer, developer or a competent person to maintain your website can be a difficult task.

This podcast contains advice which will help reduce the chance of you employing the services of an unreputable company or freelancer who isn’t up to the job.

listen time: 12 minutes

Time management tips that you can use today

It doesn’t matter if you work on your own or as part of a team, managing your tasks is critical to getting the most out of your time.

Task management is a massive subject with as many differing oppinions as there are stars in the sky. So, let me save you some time.

listen time: 8 minutes