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Web design Projects: Cutting project costs by cancelling research

In this blog post I will discuss whether it is prudent to cut costs by asking your chosen web designer to remove the research phase from project estimates. In order to make an educated appraisal of this commonly used tactic, we will look at what is typically included in a project research phase and the potential opportunity cost of not carrying out research.

listen time: 13 minutes

1. Preparing for your web design project

The pre-project category exists to help you find information that is relevent to you before your project starts.

How to employ a web designer (and succeed)

Finding a good web designer, developer or a competent person to maintain your website can be a difficult task.

This podcast contains advice which will help reduce the chance of you employing the services of an unreputable company or freelancer who isn’t up to the job.

listen time: 12 minutes

Web Design budgets: Why does your web designer want to know how much money you have?

I'm sure you have experienced it, you approach a bunch of web designers or design agencies for quotes for a website and they want to know every detail. Then the question comes where they ask you about how much money you have. You, stall, avoid the question and just ask for their best price.

listen time: 10 minutes

What does it cost to run a website?

In this blog post I will discuss the ever so most frequently asked (yet so seldom answered) question; “What does it cost to run a website?”.

To get a firm idea of what the ongoing costs will be for your website we will need to look at several different areas that will be generating expenses over the lifetime of your site.

listen time: 14 minutes

2. Designing and building your website

This category is designed to help you find information relevent to the actual design and build portion of your new website project.

5 Ways to keep your web designer happy (and productive)

While it is anecdotally reported that an unhappy workforce is a productive workforce this is most definitely not the case when you are working in creative industries. The joy with working with creatives is that they genuinely want to do the best for you. They are heavily invested in providing a product or service for you that not only helps you reach and surpass your goals but because their future income depends upon your happiness.

listen time: 15 minutes

3. Website aftercare and improvement

When your new website goes live, the work doesnt stop. Your website will need ongoing care, updates, maintenance and iterative improvement to ensure it keeps delivering against your goals.

12 Simple Steps to Bulletproof WordPress Backups

This guide gives you 12 simple steps that you can complete today, to ensure that your website is safe should something go wrong.

I am going to show you an easy process to avoid ever losing information again.

listen time: 22 minutes

What's the lifespan of your new website? (and how to extend it)

So, you have a lovely new website, fantastic, but do you know how long it will be useful for? In this post we will discuss how long a website can be effective for before it needs some kind of substantial work being carried out. For those of you already wondering how you may be able to extend your website's life, we will look at some ways of doing that too!

listen time: 9 minutes

Running websites: Why you need to routinely purge data from your website

It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that once your website is running that there is nothing else to do... I'm sure are aware of GDPR by now and that it puts responsability upon you to responsibly ask for, store and purge personal and sensitive personal data that you may gather from your users.

listen time: 6 minutes

Everything else...

Things of interest that dont fit neatly into the three project stages above.

Industry conferences: Why you are a fool if you don’t go

The evening before Wordcamp Brighton 2019 I started to write this blog post to explore the reasons why YOU might want to go to a WordCamp or an industry conference. The conference season is in full swing so let’s look at reasons why you should be attending a conference in your area.

listen time: 8 minutes

Simple steps to a successful web design project

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