Frequently asked web design questions.

If you can’t find the answer you need, send us your question and we will get right back to you. Promise.

Do You Give Help & Advice?

I am always available to give free friendly advice on the telephone on 01903 527927.

Often I provide clients with mentoring and tuition and would love to help you too. The mentoring service is charged at £45 per hour and is usually performed via Skype or by telephone. If you would like to meet in person please understand that travel time will be charged.

Please Could you Write a Guide About...

If there is a topic you would like to learn more about please do let me know.  Please send your requests to me via the contact page and we will look to producing a guide/blog article about it.

What is a Content Management System?

A ‘Content Management System’ is most commonly a system which runs on a web server which allows users to (when logged in) create and edit content for a website. The CMS provides a user interface which allows users to see, organise and edit content for the website from any internet browser without the need for web design software or any special coding skills. I use Drupal 7 (soon to be Drupal 8) and WordPress to create responsive websites.

What is Responsive Design?

Boiled down to its simplest, ‘Responsive Web Design’ means that a website is designed and built-in a way which allows it to ‘respond’ to the screen size of the device used for viewing it. What this means is that your website will adapt its shape and style to look best on whatever device it is seen on, for example, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktops.

The term ‘Responsive Web Design’ was first used and discussed by Ethan Marcotte. He is well worth googling.

Do you work with websites other than WordPress?

Absolutely. Although WordPress forms the majority of my work I also work with Drupal and websites built on other content management systems. If you have a static HTML website I can work on that for you too. Get in touch and lets have a talk about your website.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a massively popular ‘Content Management System’ which originally started out as a blogging platform. Now, millions of websites run on WordPress and it is really very simple to use. Checkout WordPress at

Do You Work for Small Business & Startups?

I love working for small business and startups. I also enjoy working for medium to large sized business as well as charity and NGO’s. Call us on 01903 527927 and I will be happy to discuss your options and how best I can help you. Alternatively please use the contact form.

How do you Accept Payments?

I accept payment via:

BACS Payment

Works are paid with 50% deposit upfront with the remaining 50% invoiced across the duration of the contract.

Payment details are attached to any invoice that you have received.

How Long Will it Take to Build my Website

The time taken to build your website is dependant upon not only the size and complexity of your website but also the speed at which you provide information and respond to communication.

In theory a website may be built in as little as a few weeks but can take up to many months for more involved projects. For a more accurate estimate of how long your project will take please contact us to find out about our availability.

How Much Does a Website Cost?

This is where I differ from most of my competitors.

I work to provide the most suitable solution that enables you to achieve as many of your goals as possible within your available budget. I will always ask what your budget is up front and will explain what is possible within that amount.

If your budget is not sufficient to achieve all your goals I will help you plan where to best spend your budget and provide a structured plan for moving forward incrementally adding to the project as and when further funds become available.

I work hard to build long-lasting relationships with my clients that are based on trust, understanding and mutual gain. Please be aware that if you are unprepared to discuss budget I will likely see that as a signal that you may withhold other critical information.

Why shouldn't you set your website to update on 'auto' ?

Unlike running updates on ‘Auto’ I can:

  • Read the changelog for a plugin or software update and risk assess its application prior to installation
  • Clone your website and test the update before applying it to your live site so as to avoid nasty  ‘surprises’
  • Check your server has enough space to allow backups and updates to continue without breaking your website (it happens)
  • Check your security logs and look for unusual behaviour
  • Much like grooming a pet, manually updating a website is a good opportunity to assess its health

Call me on 01903 527927 to discuss how I can look after your website, keep it safe and protect your income.

The potential cost of not having regular website maintenance

  • Your site could be defaced
  • The website could be deleted or rendered unusuable
  • You could lose ecommerce sales
  • Your brand may sustain damage
  • You may find your website advertising things you dont approve of
  • Your website may get blacklisted resulting in ranking lower in search engines like Google
  • Search engines may put a warning on your website saying it has been hacked
  • You may suffer data loss or data theft
  • It could cost you many thousands of pounds to repair the damage to your website

What is a typical website maintenance cost

To learn about website maintenance costs please see the available website maintenance packages.

Can we video conference instead of meeting in person?

Physical meetings are great. We don’t have any objection to meeting in person, but meeting online saves so much time. It saves both of us travel time, parking, queuing and more.

We prefer to meet online with clients or via the telephone. The time we both gain can be spent better running your business and on our side, working on your project. So, please, don’t get offended if we suggest a video call. Our clients stay with us a very long time (we are talking ten years plus) and we have clients who in that time we have never physically met.

The joy with using Skype is the ability to screen share or have a group call with other locations and colleagues. Not only that, we can meet online in seconds and video call while looking at your website live. Once you have worked on a web project that way you won’t look back.

Just like the cloud services we use, online meetings just allow the whole process of running a web project to be much more efficient and as a consequence, more cost-effective.

Are you Google Analytics certified?

Yes. We have already expressed the importance of having quantifiable goals. Without good data it is impossible to know whether you have met, surpassed or failed to meet specific goals.

With Google Analytics Certification you can rest assured that your website will be recording all the important data to enable you (and us) to make smart business decisions. Decisions that can make or cost you a lot of money.

It is great to have data, but it is also important that you know how to use that data, filter out misleading or fake data such as spam referrals. We will set up these filters for you, show you how to use them and generally be on hand to answer your questions.

So, if your funding, decisions or job security is tied to your website performance you can be confident that we will ensure you are presenting the best data possible.

Can you recieve files digitally for inclusion in our project?

From day one of us talking we will set up a shared folder full of lovely templates, guides and information which will help you. We do this because it allows you to easily share files with us, us to share files with you and even to work collaboratively.

The joy with using Dropbox to provide this function is that it will work on your phone, tablet, desktop, laptop, anything. Anywhere.

We use a high-capacity professional Dropbox to share with you throughout our work together but beyond that too. Any ongoing maintenance we carry out, backups we create, will all be available via our shared space together. Need to share with a colleague? No problem, just invite them.

Can you check our progress online at any time?

From our frequent ‘catchup meetings’ via Skype you will know what is going on with your project. However picture the scene. Its 2am, our offices are shut (well sometimes) and you can’t sleep because you just remembered you would update your manager/colleagues/team about the progress of the web project.

No problem! Just log in to your online client area. You will be able to quickly see total progress, milestones, % completion on all phases of work right down to each individual task. Not only that, you will be able to leave us comments or check which tasks were assigned to you personally.

Our clients love our online project dashboard because let’s be honest, you don’t want to talk to us every time you want to know whats going on and asking questions by email is slow.

How involved will you be in your website build?

A successful website is created from proven method and ongoing client involvement throughout all stages of research, design, build, optimisation, testing and ongoing management.

Rest assured, you won’t be cut out, you will be involved from concept to creation and you can check up on us along the way. We actually enjoy talking to our clients and that is why we make our project progress available 24 hours a day 7 days a week on our website.

Ask a question.