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Website & digital consultancy services

Whether you are direct client or a web agency, I want you to succeed and will provide you with exceptional direction, strategy and mentoring at every stage of web design.

Perfect for specific website tasks, project management or guidance & mentoring.

The reasons for hiring an external web consultant are many. Perhaps you don’t have a specific skill set on your team or your running over capacity. You could be up against a tight deadline and need help so that you can hit the ground running.

You may want a new perspective or to avoid the internal bias of a team overly invested in a particular solution or outcome.

The reasons are as numerous as the benefits. Make sure your project succeeds. Use me to test your digital strategy and optimise your processes.

Call us on 01903 527927 or tell us about your project and we will get right back to you with an intelligent response.

Digital project management

Managing your web design project on your behalf with your choice of contractors, or those we recommend. We act as a managing intermediary who translates jargon into English.

Why use a project manager?

Perhaps you have already put a contract out to tender, got an in-house web designer or perhaps you have employed the services of a freelancer or agency.

Your company may not have an experienced digital project manager, have a staff member with in-depth web design knowledge or quite simply you may not have anyone with the time available to monitor your project and ensure it doesn’t run over budget or schedule.

During the site build process he went way beyond my expectations, making all sorts of creative contributions in the areas of user experience and site design. I owe him a massive thanks.

Paul Emmerson – CEO BEhereBEthere

As an expert third-party we speak the same language as you, your web designer or appointed freelancer or agency. We keep your schedule on budget, on time and ensure that you know what is going on while investing the minimum of time.

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For clients

Over 12 years of experience working with startups, SME’s, academics, institutions, NGO’s, not for profits and charitable organisations both in UK, Europe and Developing Countries.

I help my clients with every aspect of website planning and research, project management, design and build, as well as carrying out potentially high impact operations such as data cleansing, hosting migration, platform migration and digital asset auditing and rationalisation.

I recommend Paul particularly to those companies and institutions that require something more than just website design. Paul’s skill goes beyond that to offering a service which we have found invaluable in guiding our choices and achieving our aims.

Eileen Chappell – SHARE CEO

Why use me?

Sometimes you don’t have the knowledge, expertise, experience or time to carry out your own research in order to make a good decision.

I carry out research that enables me to understand you, your business and your clients. I provide you with the data you need, in the format you need and suggestions of how to meet your goals. If you feel you would benefit from it, I can manage this process for you.

Using me as a consultant whether on demand, by quotation or on retainer means that you don’t have to employ staff or embark on costly, time-consuming training.

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For agencies.

Running an agency is tough, balancing staffing with short-term spikes in demand. That’s why we work for creative and web agencies in UK and Europe, helping them scale to spikes in demand without employing more staff or turning down work (because it always comes at once, doesn’t it).

We enable you to bid for work which requires more resources than you have. fundamentally we provide a cheap low risk route to growth or expertise that you don’t have in-house. We work for you, with you or completely on your behalf providing single functions or total web design and build solutions, and we can white label any service we provide or simply work as troubleshooter to let your team get on with more important work.

Paul helped us out with a website issue that had been causing problems, he was quick and did the job very well. We will definitely call on Paul if we need help again.

Michelle Price – Retriever Web Solutions

Why use us?

We bridge the gap between agency and client. We speak fluent client. Task us to work on your behalf and we will uphold your style and tone, ensuring consistency of approach. Oh and we’re a bit OCD…

A multi-discipline background with 12 years direct experience of providing focused and well-built websites. We are qualified and insured.

Tell us about your project.

Do you want some rapid insight into how your upcoming project could take form? Let us help you avoid the pitfalls.

Our project planner helps you tell us about your project and it will only take a few moments to complete.

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