WordPress Web Design

Successful business and ecommerce websites for SME’s, charity, heritage, NGO and academic clients based in UK.

Business Website Design

Elevate your brand with our custom WordPress website designs, tailored for business needs.

We focus on creating engaging, user-friendly websites that not only showcase your company’s ethos and services but also optimize your online presence for search engine visibility.

E-commerce with WooCommerce

Maximize online sales with our expert WooCommerce website designs. We create captivating product displays and streamlined checkout processes to enhance conversion rates and revenue.

Our services cater to a diverse clientele, from small physical stores seeking an online presence to larger enterprises targeting significant turnover.

Heritage & Social Causes

From English country houses to sanitation and hygiene projects in developing countries. I help improve reach and impact with goal-led web design services that tells your story.

Proud to have collaborated with institutions in the EU and developing countries, supported by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, LSHTM, World Bank, Water Aid and DfID.

WordPress Web Design and Woocommerce Customisation

If you’re searching for a WordPress web designer you are in the right place. I design, build and maintain websites and online shops for businesses, charities, SME’s and NGO’s using WordPress and Woocommerce.

Success comes from thorough research, discovery and a solid strategy so you will have finished ‘Preparing for your web design project‘, internally, with me or with a third party. I will happily pick up a project at any stage which happens more frequently than you may than you may think.

If you havent carried out the initial phase of a web design project. No problem, we can do that together. Schedule a call with me and we can talk about where you are in the process and how best to proceed.

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Designing and building your website

<< 1. Preparing for your web design project  –  3. WordPress maintenance and improvement >>

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This is where creativity flows. Based on the strategy and information gained in stage 1 – preparing for your web design project, we’ll craft a unique design that encapsulates your brand and speaks directly to your customers.

Depending on the scope of your project this may include a combination of wireframes and visuals of page templates, colour palettes, font stacks, mood boards and branding guidelines. Where such documents already exist we will conform to those requirements.


Time to take your content and our designs and turn them into reality. The development of your new website will be on a private server that we will give you access to so you can check in at any time to see how we are getting on.

During the build process we will check the site against accessbility standards and carry out contrast checking and other automated testing to identify potential usability issues.

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Technical Optimisation & SEO

We will check your content and structure and ensure it contains basic on-page SEO. Every page of the website will be tested to ensure that every aspect of your site is optimised for fast loading.

Review & Revisions

Now, we review and refine. Sometimes called ‘snagging’, your feedback is vital as we tweak and perfect your website, ensuring every pixel is in place and every feature functions flawlessly. One round of revisions is included in your project cost.

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Website Launch

3, 2, 1, Launch! After payment of your final invoice, your website goes live and can be seen by the public. We celebrate the launch and prepare for the ongoing journey of growth and success.

Submission to Search Engines

You want your site to get found as quickly as possible so we will register your site with Bing and Google and submit site maps on your behalf.

It’s important that you get data about how your site is used so we will hook you up to Google Analytics and/or Microsoft Clarity so that we collect usage data that will help us further improve and optimise your website over time.

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Website and Brand Refresh

Rating: ★★★★★
Paul is professional, honest, and always looking to provide a solution to every problem. He guided us through a website and brand refresh and steered us towards a design that truly reflects who we are as a business, and is seeing results already… I’m relieved to have Paul staying on top of everything for us. We look forward to a long business relationship and would highly recommend him.

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Let’s discuss your project

Frequently asked questions

People looking for a WordPress Web Designer often have questions like the following. I hope the answers are helpful, however if you dont find what you need. Please, get in touch. You can call me directly on 01903 527927 or send me a message.

How much does a WordPress website cost UK

WordPress website costs vary with size and complexity:

  • DIY: A clean WordPress install with a free theme and optional AI generated content, starting at £600.
  • Done for You: Comprehensive service from project preparation to launch, ranging from £2,500 to £10,000+.
  • E-commerce Done for You: Includes the above plus Woocommerce integration and configuration, from £7,000 to £20,000+.

Unlike many web designers, I am keen to work within an established and agreed budget. To do this, I will propose a solution and strategy that fits within your means. To discuss your budget and goals please get in touch so we can work out your specific requirements. If you want to learn more about why web designers want to know your budget you can read (or listen) here: Behind the Numbers: The Budget Conversation in Web Design

How much does a website cost per month UK

Running a WordPress site (or any website) involves costs for hosting, domain renewal, SSL, software subscriptions, maintenance, SEO, and troubleshooting. On average, small to medium-sized businesses might spend about £130 per month. This may rise to around £330 monthly for larger businesses, especially with SEO services. These costs will vary based on your chosen supplier for those services. My maintenance services are tiered to suit different needs from basic maintenance to retainer packages:

  • Basic for small sites: £50/month
  • Medium-sized or small e-commerce sites: £100/month
  • Large sites with e-commerce or comprehensive needs: £500 to £2000+/month, including a time bank for continuous updates.

If you want to read more detailed information about what it costs to run a website, you can find that information in this blog post I wrote: What does it cost to run a website?

How much do web designers charge UK

In the UK, as of 2023, WordPress web designers’ hourly rates range approximately between £40 and £70, influenced by their experience and niche. As a Web Consultant and Frontend Developer my hourly rate is currently £50 per hour. Agency rates may vary from around £300 to £1000+ per day, with higher specialization potentially leading to increased costs. Pricing models for projects can blend value-based and hourly-based approaches, contingent on the project’s features and duration. Keep in mind these rates are estimates and can differ based on the specific details of your project.

What is your approach to web design?

Our forward-looking design process focuses on understanding your current and future goals. We ensure that your website is built with future scalability in mind, like the ease of adding e-commerce features.

How involved can I be in the web design process?

We highly encourage your involvement throughout the design process. You’ll have the opportunity to provide feedback and sign off at every step, ensuring no surprises at the completion of the project.

Is WordPress or Wix better?

When it comes to choosing between WordPress and Wix, WordPress stands out for those who require advanced customization and flexibility. Ideal for businesses aiming to grow and scale, WordPress offers a vast range of plugins and themes, making it the superior platform for a tailored web presence. Wix might suit simpler, more static sites, but for depth and functionality, WordPress is the better choice.

Do big companies use WordPress?

Not only big companies, but more than 45% of all websites in the world run on WordPress (figures from Hubspot). Prominent companies and organizations use WordPress for their websites, leveraging its flexibility and extensive customization capabilities. Including:

  • BBC America: Employs WordPress for its entertainment network, hosting a streaming service and an e-commerce platform.
  • The New York Times: Utilizes WordPress for content management and to support user-generated content features.
  • Reuters: Uses WordPress to deliver breaking news and updates, with functionality to display real-time stock prices.
  • Vogue: Chooses WordPress for its extensive content and online presence.
  • Sony Music: Runs its website on WordPress, showcasing its artists and music.
  • The Walt Disney Company: Also takes advantage of WordPress for its website’s needs.

These examples highlight WordPress’s versatility and its suitability for large-scale, dynamic websites as well as businesses of all sizes from a humble blog site to an online shop.

Can I move my website from Wix to WordPress

Of course, it is possible to switch your website from Wix to WordPress, and it’s a smart move if you’re after more flexibility and features. The switch is a bit technical, but don’t worry, I can do this on your behalf. As someone who’s all about WordPress web design (but who has some clients who still use Wix), I’m here to make sure the transition goes off without a hitch. We’ll keep everything from your content including words and images, intact. I’m experienced with both platforms so can easily recreate your content on a new WordPress website for you. If you’re unsure about changing, that’s OK too. I can manage your Wix site for you and make any changes or edits you desire.

Can I see my website as it's being built?

Absolutely! We work on live, private development sites, allowing you to check in at any time to monitor the progress of your project. This ensures that the final product aligns closely with your expectations.

What is your workflow and methodology for web design?

Our web design process is consistent yet tailored to each project’s uniqueness. With a proven workflow and methodology that we’ve refined over countless projects, we aim to deliver focused and effective results for every client.

Not ready to talk?

Listen to, or read my posts about web design projects while you do something else or just while you’re on the train. When the time is right, I will be here to answer your questions.

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