Wordcamp Brighton 2019 – Links to presentation slides

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After missing out on Wordcamp London this year (2019) I was glad to be able to attend Wordcamp Brighton. Always a friendly and rewarding event to attend which gives not only good opportunity for learning new things but for meeting some genuinely lovely people. Let’s gloss over the fact that WordCamps also keep my stationary cupboard stocked for most of the year.

Putting asside for the moment the inspiring talks, I learned directly from other WordPress users about subjects such as design conventions in Arabic and other RTL (right to left) languages, the misconceptions Brits have about Los Angeles, trials and tribulations of those that freelance and so much more. Oh, I also tried ‘Oat Milk’ for the first time in coffee. Strange but not unlikeable!

For those of you that either attended, wish you had, or couldn’t make it for some reason, I have started to collate a list of links to slides/videos/content for the talks. This is not a complete list so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like me to add anything.

Have a look at the slides and gain at least a little insight into how wonderful these volunteer-run events are. Thanks to all the volunteers, speakers and organisers. Looking forward to next year! #WCBTN

In the meantime, should there be any way that I can assist you with your WordPress website design then please let me know. Thanks for your time.

A Time-savers Guide to the Command Line – Keith Hyde

How I Helped 100 Beta-testers Build Their Own Site in 3 Weeks – Vicki Jakes

Supercharging WordPress Development – Adam Tomat

Gutenberg | How a WordPress Studio Adapted – David Darke

Lightning Talks

Getting the best from code review – Sarah Pantry

Mauricio Gelves

Tom J Nowell

Considering Going Global? Offshore Teams 101 – Alison Rothwell

Testing the Fortifications – Hack Yourself – Tim Nash

Panel: Creating a WordCamp Ana Silva, Laura Nelson, Tammie Lister

Useful Accessibility Tools – Graham Armfield

A Developer’s Guide to Working With Marketing Teams – Rhys Wynne

How to Measure, Improve and Maintain Your WP Website Performance – Sabrina Zeidan & Piotr Bąk

Building a Realtime Status Page using the combined power of Gutenberg and Firebase – Alain Schlesser

The Future of Our Local WP Communities – How Industry Pressures Will Change the Way We Work – David Lockie

Ethics and Morals in Web Development – Chris Brosnan

Lightning Talks

– Melin Edomwonyi

– Si Cooke

– Ben Kinnaird

Decoupled/Headless WP and WP Components for non-WP sites – Craig West

Time Management: 7 tips (tried & tested) – Judith Schröer

WordCamp Brighton – Why use web components – Fellyph Cintra

Dear Imposter Syndrome – Dan Maby