Briant Communications Ltd

Lead generation website

Our brief

Our client had over time built up a large total number of social media accounts, domain names, websites and their digital strategy had become less effective. Our goal was to conduct an audit of their digital assets, present a proposal for rationalising them and then complete those works including the production of a new mobile friendly website designed to generate enquiries.

What we did

We created a record of all existing websites, domain names and social media accounts. We then graded each of these assets according to usefullness, SEO, cost and relevance. We produced a report outlining which assets should be kept, deleted, combined or left to expire.

Before removing or combining any asset we conducted full backups of said resources to ensure the data would not be lost. Some assets and content were combined and as a result we produced a new website designed to build trust, give information and generate enquiries through well placed and repetitive calls to action. Both ourselves and the client have been pleased with how much simpler managing their online resources has become and we have continued to manage some of these assets on their behalf.

Thoroughly enjoyed working with Paul, he has done a wonderful job of creating our website. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for an easy to work with professional who specializes in website design and development.


  • Digital asset audit
  • Digital asset rationalisation
  • Website design and build
  • Ongoing maintenance