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Win a 3-Month Premium Website Care Package worth £897


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I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the New Year than giving your website a fresh start

We both know that your website is likely the single most important tool your business has for reaching new customers and generating enquiries and sales. For 2018 let me help you start the year the right way, let’s get your website sorted!

I can hear you asking:

This is all well and good but what will you actually be doing if I win this competition?

What I am giving away this New Year is pretty awesome. I already provide lots of businesses just like yours with leading website care and ongoing maintenance but for this year I am releasing a new Premium Web Care Package at £299 a month, and you can win 3 months of this premium package worth £897.

Incorporating updates, edits and ongoing consultancy for a period of 3-months I have the opportunity to shield your website from attack, keep it up to date and make small incremental edits to its content to improve its position in the search engines and get it found by more prospective clients.

Not only that!

On top of updates and edits, I will provide you with an hour of consultancy a month so we can discuss your goals, your customers and keep your changes on track so we leave your site in a better place than we found it.

I hope that you are as excited about this opportunity as I am. So what’s next?


What do you have to do to win £897 Premium Web Care?

To have a chance to win 3-months of premium website care you have to do 4 simple things:

  1. Follow me on Twitter
  2. Share this page on Twitter
  3. Fill in the form on this page
  4. Wait to hear if you have won

When will a winner be chosen?

You have until midnight on Sunday 14th January 2018 to complete the above steps.

Checks will be made to ensure that each of the required steps has been completed and a winner will be chosen on Monday 15th January 2018.

Winners will be announced on Twitter and by email. Good luck!

There is no cash equivelent to the prize and it cannot be transferred. The prize ‘starts’ as soon as the winner  is announced and expires after 3 web care ‘cycles’. One cycle ocurrs each calendar month until the prize expires.

Competition Entry Form

Tell me 3 seperate things about your website that you struggle with, need help with or which under perform:

**This form can no longer be submitted. Competition closed**

Before you go…

I am so grateful for you sticking around and reading this page, it is really appreciated.

I specialise in helping you make improvements to your website and provide first class ongoing website care. I know you will be disappointed if you don’t win the prize, and truth be told I would love to help all of you. So here is a bonus for you.

If you don’t win the competition I encourage you to apply for one hour’s FREE consultation. In that hour I will look at your website with you and discuss simple improvements. To apply for your FREE consultation simply call me on 01903 527927 to make your booking.