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Digital Auditing & Online Strategy

Discovery of dormant, mothballed and live digital assets including social media, websites, blogs and development areas. Creating strategy and continuity through rationalisation.

What do we do?

Any company which has existed for more than a few years tends to accumulate digital assets. Staff come and go, marketing plans run and expire, products launch and retire.

Often social media accounts get left dormant, websites stop getting updated. The problem is public, your potential customers can often still find and stumble across these dormant sites and accounts.

Often dormant accounts are no longer in corporate style, give obsolete information or offers. The impact upon your business when these accounts are found by potential and existing customers is unseen, but very real. We help you find, audit and rationalise all your digital assets and provide a clear management strategy moving forward.

Using a combination of information gathered from getting to know you and our discovery activities we put our digital detective hat on and hunt down any online assets, social media, website, blog accounts that may belong to you. You may be surprised at what we turn up.


Our audit stage means compiling a list of all your online digital assets, splitting them out by type, relevancy to your current business, value in terms of SEO and much more.


We look at all the statistics and non-statistical data we have gathered and isolate the most valuable assets to your business and separate your assets into groups based upon this data.

Thoroughly enjoyed working with Paul, he has done a wonderful job of creating our website. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for an easy to work with professional who specializes in website design and development.

Gavin Cox – Briant Communications Ltd

What do you get?

After our audit and analyse phases we produce a report for you which shows our findings, including the statistical data. We want to show you our method so you are invested in the process and buy in to our recommended course of action.


Our recommendation will be based upon your assets being split into several groups. For example, we may highlight resources we recommend that you Retain, Merge, Delete, Let Expire or which require update in either style, tone or continuity.


You can choose to act upon our recommendations yourself or we can carry out rationalisation on your behalf. We will carry out all aspects of the required work from deleting, merging or updating social media accounts to marking domains for expiry, combining website content, and centralising all your domain names and hosting.

There are many ways to proceed but these and our suggestions will be tailored to your exact situation.

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