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How to employ a web designer and achieve success

The Perfect Match: A Guide to Hiring Your Dream Web Designer

Blog Audio: Read/listen time: 11.5 minutes Summary Finding a good web designer, developer or a competent person to maintain your website can be a difficult task. This guide contains advice which will help reduce the chance of you employing the services of an unreputable company or freelancer who isn’t up to the job. Together we…

Can you reduce web design project costs by engaging a consultant pre-project

The Double-Edged Sword: Balancing Web Design Costs and Research

Blog Audio: Read/listen time: 13 minutes I have met very few clients that ‘like’ paying for research or discovery works. Essentially this is pre-project web consultancy and many people see it as lost money, money that could be spent on building the website or delivering the digital project in some real tangible way. My name…

How to write a web design brief

Crafting an Effective Web Design Brief: A Step-by-Step Guide

Blog Audio: Read/listen time: 22 minutes You may be working on an exciting new web project, an existing website, or perhaps the next iteration of the website for your business or organisation you work with. Whichever position you find yourself in, you have realised that your project has a higher probability of success if you…