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We aren’t just web designers and consultants, we are enablers. We want you to have access to the best guides and articles for the website owner and help you understand how to get the best out of your website or digital project.

For some of you this content will explain how to get the best out of your design team, contractors and even how to do some of the work yourself. As always, if you have any questions at all about any of these guides or if you would like us to write one about a particular subject please get in touch either by calling us on 01903 527927 or by filling in our contact form.

Thanks for your interest, enjoy reading our web design guides!

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  • Wordpress 4.9.6

    A review of WordPress 4.9.6 ‘the GDPR update’

    Blog Audio: Read/listen time: 6 minutes So you’re probably asking yourself “whats so special about this update that it requires a blog post?” So if you’re in Europe, or if you are outside of Europe but service EU residents via your website, you may have heard about this little thing called GDPR. GDPR is a…

  • Apple iwatch with blue strap

    Time management tips that you can use TODAY

    Blog Audio: Read/listen time: 8 minutes If you run a small business, are self employed or work on your own you may be asking yourself: How can I stay productive and make the most out of every day, regardless of my state of mind? Fortunately the answer to your question is pretty straight forward and…

  • graph of wordpress releases

    Why does a WordPress website require maintenance?

    Content management systems make managing our websites and their content much easier. These content management systems are continuously updated to add new features, make them faster, remove bugs and improve security when vulnerabilites are found. By keeping your wordpress installation and its plugins updated you remove known vulnerabilities which make it harder for people to…

  • Hard disk drive internals

    12 Simple Steps to Bulletproof WordPress Backups

    Blog Audio: Read/listen time: 22 minutes I think you’ll agree with me when I say: It’s very hard to have 100% confidence in your wordpress backups. To know absolutely that if anything goes wrong, at any time, that your safe. But it doesn’t have to be that way. This guide gives you 12 simple steps…

  • Macbook Air on wooden desk

    how often should I update my website?

  • White dog on white background

    How grooming your pets can keep your website healthy

    A recent visit to a prospective client, a dog sanctuary, gave me a valuable insight into the hard work that this particular organisation do to look after dogs that need rehoming. The situation this client found themselves in resonated with me because I love pets. I have 2 dogs in the office right now,  Charlie…

  • Hand holidng pen writing and another hand typing on a keyboard. Page of graphs and statistics

    Your website has gone live. What happens now?

    Fantastic, you have collaborated with your appointed web designer (possibly even us), created your content and your site has gone live and is viewable by the public. What happens now? The next steps will depend on what services you paid your web designer (or another third party) to carry out on your behalf but the…

  • Social media leaflets and merchandise on a wooden surface

    Social Media “The Good and the Bad”

    Summary This document is not a guide as such, but a discussion about social networking, its obvious benefits and it’s not so obvious pitfalls. Hopefully, this document will assist you in deciding which social media to use for your business or perhaps whether or not to use it at all. So, somehow you missed the…

  • Black table with website wireframe drawings spread out

    How to employ a web designer and achieve success

    Blog Audio: Read/listen time: 11.5 minutes Summary Finding a good web designer, developer or a competent person to maintain your website can be a difficult task. This guide contains advice which will help reduce the chance of you employing the services of an unreputable company or freelancer who isn’t up to the job. Together we…

  • estate agent pointing at a computer screen

    Excerpt #5 – eBook for Estate Agent websites

    Blog Audio: Read/listen time: 8 minutes So, it’s time for another excerpt from my new FREE eBook for Estate Agents. I have been providing services to estate agents for a number of years now and during that time I learned those elements that successful websites have in common. This eBook gives you an insight into…