White dog on white background

How grooming your pets can keep your website healthy

A recent visit to a prospective client, a dog sanctuary, gave me a valuable insight into the hard work that this particular organisation do to look after dogs that need rehoming.

The situation this client found themselves in resonated with me because I love pets. I have 2 dogs in the office right now,  Charlie a young and energetic Springer Spaniel and Molly a more senior Cocker Spaniel George a 7 month old Sprocker puppy.

If you’re like me or the dog sanctuary I visited, you love animals and will go out of your way to ensure that they are healthy, cared for and happy and this is where there is a strange parallel between looking after your animals, and website maintenance.

If you don’t look after animals of any sort then allow me to explain one simple way that animal health can be monitored.  Daily grooming. It is such a simple activity which both the owner and the animal can enjoy. The time spent grooming helps maintain a bond between the two of you but it also serves a really important practical purpose.

Frequent grooming of your animal gives you frequent contact with your animal in a methodical and detailed manner. During your grooming you have enough contact to ascertain:

  • If your animal may have a hidden injury
  • If they have any unwanted pests
  • If they need any kind of maintenance such as nail clipping or cleaning

Frequent scheduled contact with your animal draws to your attention any potential problems which although currently may be small if left will get worse and may even become life-altering.

Hang on, what does this have to do with website maintenance?

If you are reading this blog post you likely own a website or at least are involved in the daily running of a website which generates you or your employer income.

How useful do you think that it would be to have frequent feedback as to the health of your website?

Would you like the opportunity to identify small issues before they become catastrophic issues which affect your sites ability to generate income or sales leads?

Just as you would frequently take your pet to a specialist for a check-up and frequently vaccinate it or treat it for worms or fleas, your website needs your attention to keep it functioning correctly. If you don’t have the skills to do this yourself I strongly advise that you employ a company or freelancer to perform frequent updates to your website, keep it backed up and if need be to provide disaster recovery if something goes wrong.

If you aren’t sure how frequently you should care for your website then please check out this infographic about website care frequency.

It is a significant achievement to acknowledge that your website needs ongoing care and as such we want to recognise this by offering your first month of website care for free. Just mention this offer when you call us on 01903 527927 or fill in our project planner.

Time to go groom the dogs!