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Excerpt #5 – eBook for Estate Agent websites

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So, it’s time for another excerpt from my new FREE eBook for Estate Agents.

I have been providing services to estate agents for a number of years now and during that time I learned those elements that successful websites have in common. This eBook gives you an insight into what is required for success.

I am publishing one excerpt a week from the eBook but if you want the whole book now, for free, just follow this link10 Essential Elements of a Successful Estate Agent Website‘.

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Without further delay, here is Excerpt 5!

5. Generate Enquiries

Unfortunately, when we first meet a lot of our clients, they have invested in several new websites but not received a good return on that investment. Their site simply didn’t perform, make enough conversions or reach the right audience. Through a set of negative experiences, they have understood that just having a website is not enough.

Lead generation requires thorough research, planning and ongoing activity. Yes, much of it can be automated but the point is that you need to be active and not passive, even if that activity is simply monitoring the results from automated tasks.

Your website needs to be thought about, in a systematic, methodical and forward-thinking way. What we do is to ensure that your website is built to provide the end user with what they want, in the format that is most convenient. Your website needs to be the ‘path of least resistance’.

It is of paramount importance to deliver what your clients need and to make the whole process nice and easy, at least easier than your competitors. If your site is not easy to use, doesn’t offer the right filters, or simply has too many steps, it is your competitors’ website that will get another new visitor.

With detailed analysis, we ensure that together we build a website which is focused on your particular customers’ needs with well thought out calls to action in just the right places.

You would be amazed how many websites don’t even have a phone number visible on every page!

A few items to consider:

  • Tailored filters give quick ways to sift through properties
  • Well placed calls to action in text and in property details
  • Allow visitors to sign up to your site and let them save their favourites to a list
  • Create a mailing list to notify visitors of new properties. Bring your customers back to your site repeatedly
  • Sharing buttons to allow visitors to send to friends, family and partners or just to themselves
  • Site visitors should always be able to see a way of contacting you, wherever they are on the site
  • An online chat facility can be really powerful so long as you ensure it is staffed
  • Give enough information to establish trust

Give as much information as you can without giving so much that potential customers don’t need to call.

Thanks for reading this excerpt from ‘10 Essential Elements of a Successful Estate Agent Website‘. I will post another excerpt next week but if you can’t wait until then and you want to read the whole eBook right now, please follow this link to get your FREE copy.