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Excerpt #4 – eBook for Estate Agent websites

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It’s Friday! time for another excerpt from my FREE eBook for Estate Agents.

I have been providing services to independent estate agents for some time. Throughout this process, I learned those elements that successful websites have in common. This eBook gives you an insight into what is required for success.

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Without further delay, here is Excerpt 4!

4. Get Shared

Most of us have hectic, busy, appointment filled lives. We welcome, in fact, demand, experiences which are simple. To really give value to your site visitors, not only do we need to make tasks simple but we need to add extra value.

Allowing your content to be shared is a way of adding value. It means building the function into your website to allow visitors to easily link to your content via social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook or by sharing via instant messaging like Google Hangouts or WhatsApp. Often sharing functions are shown as graphical buttons on the website or as a sharing icon.

Make things easy for people

Adding the option for a site visitor to share an item via social media, email, text message etc. really adds value.

Picture the scene for a moment:

You are sitting in the park around the corner from the office grabbing a moment out of your day to eat some hastily purchased food. While sitting on the bench you remember that you were supposed to be researching new houses. You visit two websites, both sites are identical in that they give you good information, pictures and are easy to use. One site, however, the page which gives details of a house you like, has a sharing button, you can simply share the property page with your social media, email the details to yourself or your other half. The other website does not allow this.

Which website do you think will be more likely to generate a follow-up call and potentially a sale?

Make it easy for your site visitors to save, share, store or email themselves the details of that property. To not allow this greatly reduces the chance of making a conversion. Sharing does not mean just put a sharing button on every page either. Don’t’ drag your site visitors’ attention to these buttons all the time; only offer them in a place where it is contextually relevant.

Encourage people to follow you

Following in the context of social media is almost the complete opposite of sharing. When you ‘share’ as a visitor your push content you like to someone else. If you ‘follow’ a company or individual on social media you effectively subscribe to having information pushed to you by them.

If you genuinely offer something of value to people that follow you, this will be a valuable tool in reaching out to those who may not have converted to a sale first time around. Do offer value though, some kind of valuable service or information, or people won’t stick around.

Thanks for reading this excerpt from ‘10 Essential Elements of a Successful Estate Agent Website‘. I will post another excerpt next week but if you can’t wait until then and you want to read the whole eBook right now, please follow this link to get your FREE copy.