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Excerpt #3 – eBook for Estate Agent websites

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So, it’s time for another excerpt from my new FREE eBook for Estate Agents.

I have been providing services to estate agents for a number of years now and during that time I learned those elements that successful websites have in common. This eBook gives you an insight into what is required for success.

I am publishing one excerpt a week from the eBook but if you want the whole book now, for free, just follow this link10 Essential Elements of a Successful Estate Agent Website‘.

Those of you that sign up to get your copy will get an extra bonus chapter which won’t be published on this blog.

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Without further delay, here is Chapter 3!

3. Be Trusted

Trust. Regardless of how good your site looks or how much information you give, if you don’t appear trustworthy to your site visitors you will make very few conversions.

The good news is that there are lots of things you can do on your website to build trust such as:

  • Correct use of vocabulary
  • Use of testimonials (with a photo/name are best)
  • A mailing list to receive further information
  • Openly displayed company registration details and methods of contact
  • Offering information for free to help your visitor
  • Information about your team and their experience
  • A professional site theme which doesn’t look DIY
  • Fast response to queries
  • Branded email addresses rather than free accounts like Gmail
  • Make it obvious how to get help
  • Make things simple, always show what happens ‘next’
  • Openly display all fees (also a legal requirement)
  • Show any associations/accreditations to which you are a member/holder, give links to their sites
  • Display social proof such as how many shares/likes etc.
  • Openly display a complaints procedure
  • Give any relevant guarantees
  • Use a landline phone number. A landline number implies permanence
  • Display the age of your business if this is an impressive number.

We hope that the above items speak for themselves as to why you should embrace them. However, the design ethic goes a lot deeper. Essentially people don’t like surprises.

Always show your visitors ‘what happens next’. If you follow this principle you will make more conversions as people have certainty as to what will happen when they do ‘x’. Beware though, if you don’t follow through on your promise you will lose that visitor’s trust which is then very difficult to regain.

Always do what you say you will do.

Thanks for reading this excerpt from ‘10 Essential Elements of a Successful Estate Agent Website‘. I will post another excerpt next week but if you can’t wait until then and you want to read the whole eBook right now, please follow this link to get your FREE copy.