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15 Years of designing, building and managing websites and digital projects that generate business and communicate with targeted audiences. 5 star rated on Google, qualified, insured and accredited.

Paul Edwards
Web Consultant & Front-End Developer in Worthing, West Sussex.

A website can be a very significant investment, especially if you are a sole trader or startup.

A lot of my clients come to me because their site isn’t generating the business that they both expected and need.  You may find that you’re website isn’t giving you the leads and enquiries that you were promised or is failing to fulfil the purpose it was created to realise.

  • 5 star rated
  • Qualified
  • Acredited
  • Insured
Portrait photograph of Paul Edwards Web Consultant and Frontend Developer

So, your probably asking, “how can I help you”?

Through the careful delivery of a combination of research, optimisation, re-alignment and ongoing improvement, I put you back on track and help improve return on investment. In all cases, the income generated by our work together by far exceeds the cost of undertaking that work.

Picking the cheapest bidder to build you a pretty box to put your valuable content into isn’t a successful strategy.

Your website has to be focused on your customer’s or client’s specific needs in order to get found and be effective. The design has to be based on real data with a quantifiable achievable goal.  It has to be designed and structured to maximise the number of visits that convert to sales or leads. The success of your business depends upon this.

To discuss exactly how I could help you, call 01903 527927.

Positive actions lead to success

  • Develop your awareness of the benefits you provide your customers
  • Develop a deeper understanding of who your clients are and what they need
  • Build a successful strategy aligning your strengths with your customers’ needs
  • Target and reach your customers using a focused strategy
  • Maximise conversions by optimising your website
  • Make the best possible return on your investment

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